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តំបន់ទេសចរណ៍ Tourist sitesPosted: 2012-11-29 01:20:46   Replies: 0
Phnom Khiev:

Phnom Khiev:
It is the beautiful natural resort in Pailin, Cambodia, located on Khiev Mountain not far away from National Road 57A which run from Battambang to Pailin, but the gate of pathway to this resort stands before the destination o...
f Phnom Yat. You as the tourists just turn from National Road 57A through small pathway up and down until reach the step of mountain that is the most attractive place for holiday and relaxation. Along this pathway, you can take photo for the view of green forest, breath the fresh air, and hear the sound of wild insects. Additionally, this natural resort is developed with the expense of much money, so that causes to require tourists to pay some money for entering the resort on the foot step of the mountain. After paying for the entering fees, you will be able to enjoy in this resort as what the tourist want. However, all of you should be careful while driving up the mountain because the pathway is highly up and not straight that seems easily to get accident of falling to the side of mountain or hitting with another vehicle. Anyway, by driving with full attention, there will be no problems for all of you and let enjoy with this natural resort! On the destination, there are many kiosks for you to rent. You could lie down, chat with friends or family who go with you, eat foods in the good environment. Then you can go to touch the cold water flow from the top of mountain and take photo as the souvenirs. There are many steps and you should try to come up one by one to see what the beautiful Phnom Khiev and sense the feeling of climbing up the large rock of the natural mountain. Later, you should see clearly those large rocks lay and imagine how they were arranged by the nature since million of years ago & how many time that local former people use for living. According to my own experience, you will be aware of that answer and feel pity & love to the nature. Finally, after playing enough in this resort, you will come back with the fresh emotions as happiness in life.


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