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Cambodian Folk Tales (in English)Posted: 2009-09-17 14:54:00   Replies: 0
Two Women and a Baby

Two Women and a Baby

Once upon a time, there was a woman who bore no child and desired to have one. She wandered from place to place and, one day, she met a woman carrying a baby. She said to the young mother, "You have a very beautiful baby. May I hold her?" The mother replied, "Of course you may," as she handed her child to the woman stranger. The woman held, hugged, kissed and played with the baby with joy. Then she tried to sneak away with the child. The mother shouted after her, "Hey! Don't take my baby away. Please give her back to me." "What? Are you crazy? This baby is mine," claimed the woman. The two disputed and went to the community court but no court in the country could find a just decision. Thus the case was sent to the King.

The King looked at both women and said: "You both seem to love the baby very much and it is very hard for me to make a decision. But I have something for you to do. I will put the baby in the middle of the field and you both have to race fast to grab her. If the baby is yours, you will make all effort to get the baby first." The women agreed.

As they saw the baby being laid in the middle of the field, the two women ran the fastest possible toward the baby. In seconds, both women got to the child at the same time. One quickly grabbed her right arm and the other got her left arm. Each tried to pull the baby away from the other; however, one lady decided to let the baby go once she saw the other woman was to aggressive and too harsh trying to grab the baby away from her.

After seeing the woman's behavior, the king asked the woman who released the child, "Why did you let the baby go?" She explained, "She is my flesh, my heart and soul!!! I love her dearly. I hurt me deeply to see her getting torn apart by the physical struggle of the two adults."

The King empathize with the mother's feeling and judge the baby in favor of the biological moher.

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