English-Khmer dictionary online is a project that was started on January, 2007 to help Cambodian people learn English and Khmer around the world.

First, we would like to thank Yan Roeun for the long dedications in entering most English words and Khmer definitions in our dictionary.

Second, we would like to thank Angkorwat.com for the initial funding to kick start this project. Also, we would like to thank to our volunteers in Phnom Penh who helped make this online dictionary available.

Finally, we owe our graditude to our users and sponsors listed in our Sponsors page for the continuous financial supports. Your sponsorship is also welcome!

Yan moved back to Cambodia from United States to serve the Cambodian people at his own cost. He teaches Khmer and English and helps build water wells for the poor during his spare time.

With a digital Camera, he brings thousands of photographs of the Cambodian people to show the world on Camboda.com.

Our goal is to create this English-Khmer Dictionary as the online primary source of English to Khmer and Khmer to English translations.

This project was started from January, 2007 and plan to continuously add English words and definitions until the year 2012. By using Oxford English Dictionary, we set a goal to continuously add 1,500 words a month for the next 4 years. Hopefully, we will finish by the year 2012.

The total cost for this project will be around $5,000. This is a small price to pay for what we gain. All volunteers are getting very little or no pay for their time and efforts. Hopefully, you can change that. Right now, we are looking for more sponsors. Please be one of our sponsors.

Thank you!

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