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Welcome Everyone!

Thank you for sparing your time to come and visit my homepage! I hope you will find my articles and other articles on this page useful and informative for readers of all ages.

As many of you have known already, I am a writer by hobby. I write for fun only. For the past 30 years, I have published my poetry books and novels in Cambodia and in the US. Some of those books are also available for sale online through Angkorwat.com. All proceeds from my literatures have been 100% donated back to the poor, the needy, and the unfortunate in Cambodia through trustable local charitable sources such The Nou Hach Journal Team, Kohsantepheap Daily, and the buddhist temples in rural areas of Cambodia.

Even though my professional career in the US does not relate at all to my hobby in poetry/novel writing, it has enormously given me the great influencial experience and the opportunity to view the world of the needy and the unfortunate differently and to be able to educate and empower their thinking ability through my literature and journals--encouraging self-discipline, positive self-reflection, self-reliance, self-confidence, self-care, non-violent problem solving skills, etc...

Please feel free to send your comments or suggestions which could benefit our Khmer readers in general to my email address, chanbokeo@yahoo.com. I am very pleased and highly honored to hear your support and recommendations.

Please take notice also that every other menu items are updated daily by our khmer youth volunteers in Cambodia including khmer poems, novels, and other literatures. Please check back regularly for those updates.

With my special thanks to:
* My husband, and my daughter who have been the greatest support of my publication.
* Mr Seng Phireak for offering his time at no charge to design the beautiful khmer KB fonts for my book writing.
* Mr Kho Tararith and The Nou Hach Journal Team for their continuing support of my writing as well as for their distribution of my books to the needy students throughout Cambodia.
* Mr Chea Sayana, Mr Im Soneath, and Mr. Chin Sao Rin, Staffs of Kohsantepheap Daily Newspaper, for the distribution of financial donation and the publication of my poetry and novels on their daily newspaper.
* All local and international Khmer media, newspapers, magazines, and websites such as VOA, RFI, TVK, Bayon TV, CTN, Vityuk Odar Mean Chey, Somleng Srey Khmer, SEA TV Network, who provide me with their continuing supports for my publication.
* All staff of teacher training colleges throughout Cambodia
* All staff of the Ministry of Education.
* And, overall, my special thanks to.... everyone of YOU, who have been sharing your support and contribution to my books, or my website.

May you all be blessed with great spirit, happiness, and prosperity!!!

With my best regards,

Mrs Keo Chanbo

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